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30 boiler houses
in Truskavets city

17 boiler houses
in Myrhorod city

52 grocery stores
ATB Market retail chain’s

17 condensational boiler houses
in Bucha city

15 MW Teplokommunenergo
in Truskavets city

11 boiler

in Drohobych city
Eurotherm Technology


About the company “Eurotherm Technology” Ukraine

Company «EUROTHERM TECHNOLOGY» is the union of engineering, constructing, operating, manufacture-stocking, service and commercial departments, units and offices which are united by mission of production and implementing of modern thermotechnical and gas equipment with minimal costs and maximal effectiveness.

The main production line of Company «Eurotherm Technology» — it is Ukraine and worldwide famous trademarks “Kolvi” and “KOTLOFF”, more than 220 different types of boilers and boiler stations, among which are parapet boilers, wall and floor boilers, modular units, block-transportable boiler stations, domestic and industrial solid-fuel boilers and solid-fuel boilers of sustain fire. Our company isn’t just following modern technologies but leads other companies and keeps the 1st place on the boiler market of Ukraine!

On the facility of the company is functioning the only scientific-research unit in Ukraine, which include certified laboratory of elaboration and testing of boiler-heating equipment.

Only experienced specialists work in a company, accomplishing their job carefully. The company observe all technological norms during the production of our products.


Новости Евротерм

Meeting in Bucha

In July 2016 in Bucha town was held the meeting of management of company “Eurotherm Technology” with the representatives of the company “Teplokomunservis”…
Новости Евротерм

The growth in popularity of solid-fuel boilers in Ukraine

In 2016 the demand for solid-fuel boilers in Ukraine was increased notably…
Новости Евротерм

The supply of steam boiler Kolvi 1000 HS for OJSC «Motor Sich»

Company "Eurotherm Technology" won the tender of steam boiler supply for OJSC «Motor Sich» with capacity 10t of steam per hour...
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Eurotherm technology awards