Твердотопливные котлы Котлофф CS

Kotloff CS solid-fuel heating boilers

The heat supply effectiveness in many respects largely depends on thermotechnical inventory’s accurate selection nowadays. The residents of Ukraine began paying more and more attention to the boilers working on solid fuel, Kotloff CS solid-fuel heating boilers in recent years, in particular.

Kotloff brand boilers have a lot of advantages, as compared with analogs:

  • High efficiency factor with not less than 85%;
  • Large loading chamber;
  • 5 models with various capacity variations;
  • Longevity, wearing quality, reliability;
  • Tightness, ergonomics;
  • Economical operation.

The Kotloff Company offers you wide range of high quality heating boilers for reasonable prices, which will warm any apartment block or industrial facility economically and efficiently. For example, office buildings, hospitals, educational preschool institutions and schools, shopping centers, processing departments etc.

Kotloff Ukraine solid-fuel coppers work at such types of raw materials as: firewood, coal, coke, and wood production compacted refuse.

KOTLOFF CS boilers are basically equipped with the following elements:

  • KOTLOFF CS boiler.
  • Shovel.
  • Cleaner.
  • Fire iron.
  • Waste relief valve.
  • The (precautionary inquiry) draft regulator.

The heating equipment market segment analysis displayed that solid-fuel coppers are of high demand, especially in gaseous conversion lack places, or places located at the considerable distances from big cities.

To buy Kotloff solid-fuel copper is quite possible. One should simply address the representative office. Experts will help you to pick up the most matching equipment you need and objectives you place. They will answer also all questions concerning principal specifications of the unit and its exploitation properties with pleasure.